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Monday Young Naturalists

My Young Naturalist class offers a one day a week nature study class that will meet at Yellow River in Gwinnett County. Each week we will focus on a themed nature walk or gathering where the students will immerse themselves into the surrounding ecology of our space. Even the youngest students can benefit from keeping a simple journal to practice weekly nature drawings and copywork for handwriting, grammar and spelling practice. We will have circle time and read alouds to coincide with that week's lesson along with art, science, math and history. This class is designed to be child led with a mentor guiding them along their own path to learning. Children who are curious will learn to learn, love to learn and will continue that lifestyle into adulthood. Outdoor experiences teach children about their own abilities, both physical and mental.

Please remember to pack a lunch and appropriate clothing for the weather. 


Ages 4-7

Time 10:00-12:30 

Monday class is $225 per semester. Monthly installments are available.  

Wednesday Young Learners Through Lead Homeschool

The Wednesday Young Learners class meets in Avondale Estates and is offered through a homeschooling coop. The class is small giving one on one attention and care to each individual while maintaining an important flow and rhythm within the group. Each morning opens with story time which introduces the day and our special agendas. My enrichment classes are an eclectic mix of curriculum ranging from Reggio Emilia and Charlotte Mason approaches to a child led, project based environment. Young Learners and the Wildlings classes nourishes the child and their families through respect, love and kindness. Building communities from the roots using these ideas spreads our notion that this world is a peaceful one. The class spends a considerable amount of time outdoors throughout the day learning through adventure, exploration, contemplation and discovery. It's amazing to see the sciences, maths, languages and other academic subjects come alive in an outdoor setting.

I strive to teach the five areas of child development, patterned after the Georgia Early Learning Standards:

Physical Health, Well Being and Movement Skills

Social and Emotional Development 

Independence, Hygiene and Transitions 

Thinking Abilities and General Knowledge

Communication, Literacy and Language


I always serve a morning snack and all of our snacks are made from high quality organic ingredients and we always respect dietary restrictions and wishes.


Ages 4-7

Time 10:00-2:30

$425 per semester. Monthly installments are available. 

Georgia Ecology Hiking Class

Our Georgia Ecology and Naturalist class will give students a full understanding of the relationship between living things and their surroundings and their importance in our natural cycle in this world. We will focus on the Southeast and mainly Georgia's ecosystems during our weekly class. Students will gain knowledge of the diverse animals, plants and geology of our state. Each student will be given a nature journal to keep notes and drawings in and this journal will serve as our textbook. Although this class is focused on science, the students will be given some reading and writing assignments. We will meet every Friday at a specified location announced on our facebook and instagram sites.

Meets at TBA 

Ages: 5-12

Time: 10:00 am-2:00 pm

Friday Class Fee: $400 per semester. Monthly installments are available.

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